Amy Murrell Founder and Owner of The Anti Socials a Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Logo, Web design, Interior Design, Graphic Design services company located in Brisbane Australia


Content Creator | Social Media Manager

Interior Designer | Graphic Designer
Digital Know It All | All Round Tech Unicorn

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Amy is the mastermind behind The Anti Socials - a disruptive digital marketing and brand building consultancy in Brisbane. Amy has a growing reputation as a tech-unicorn and thrives on creating intuitive solutions for emerging entrepreneurs.
Amy has a Degree in Commercial Interior Design and Marketing. She also teaches at Torrens University where she helps emerging designers learn the fundamentals of design and teaches them the software skills they will need in the industry when they graduate. 
At home Amy is Wife to Cameron, her rock and biggest supporter and Mum to Bailey (9) and Penelope (2) who love to reminder her that life is not all work and the downtime is even more important when spent with those you love. 


Graphic Design | Web Design
Organisational Champion


Giva provides high quality graphics for both our social media and graphic design clients. She creates websites and incorporates her knowledge of SEO to increase the visibility of our clients sites. Meticulously providing the brand with research and data entry Giva is an asset to The Anti Socials team.
With a love for graphic design and web development Giva has been with the brand since 2020 and has thrived in her role. She has accumulated 10 years of work experience in the corporate world before making the change to design.
Aside from her passion for the arts and design, she loves to support and help small business. She’s a family oriented person and has soft spot for dogs and cats as well as a love for food and travel.

The Anti Socials Digital Marketing in Brisbane Australia diamond logo


Interior Designer | Social Media Ace
The Ultimate Hype Girl

The Anti Socials Digital Marketing in Brisbane Australia diamond logo

Bella started with The Anti Socials in 2021 and has quickly become a huge part of our team. Creating content and coming up with inspiration for Instagram reels, whilst also assisting on interior design jobs Bella is an all round superstar. 
She is currently studying a Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration at Torrens University. She has been managing Instagram content for the past year and a half for multiple different businesses and brands. She absolutely loves getting to have fun as a career whether that’s in a space, through fashion or digitally. 
The creative space is where I feel my most authentic self. Playing with clothes was where I first found my passion for translating my visual mind and creating a feeling through experimentation.