Amy Murrell Founder and Owner of The Anti Socials Digital Marketing located in Brisbane Australia



Content Creator | Social Media Manager

Interior Designer | Graphic Designer

Digital Know It All | All Round Tech Unicorn

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Amy is the mastermind behind The Anti-Socials - a disruptive digital marketing and brand building consultancy in Brisbane. Amy has a growing reputation as a tech-unicorn and thrives on creating intuitive solutions for emerging entrepreneurs.


Amy has a Degree in Commercial Interior Design and Marketing. She also teaches at Torrens University where she helps emerging designers learn the fundamentals of design and teaches them the software skills they will need in the industry when they graduate. 


At home Amy is Wife to Cameron, her rock and biggest supporter and Mum to Bailey (9) and Penelope (2) who love to reminder her that life is not all work and the downtime is even more important when spent with those you love.